LEC Encore Workshops from 2021
2 (Closed courses will not be included.)
  • Overview
The courses included in this catalog are recordings of presentations and workshops for the 2021 LE Conference, held virtually on Oct. 19. Although you may access them, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE CREDIT OR A CERTIFICATE for completion.
This course examines the history of school-based law enforcement and how that role changed over time, leading some to believe School Resource Officers are responsible for a "school to prison" pipeline. Because of events in America in which citizens were killed by law enforcement, many communities and schools are questioning the use of SROs.
This course explores the concepts of resilience as well as techniques that build wellness and improve the workplace environment. The nature of the job puts law enforcement officers and first responders at risk of experiencing secondary trauma and burnout. But resilience offers a key to protecting oneself and adopting a healthy approach to this honorable profession. Attendees will hear accounts from colleagues who found resilience and identify how to find their own resilience even when compromised by stress.
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